Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 - the Turkeys Run

Huge turnout for this morning's Thanks4Giving 5K run in Lowell, and an outstanding showing from the E Streeters!! Here's just a few of the dozens of pics taken by the intrepid course photographer. We always run in a fog, but today that was especially true.

Here's the obligatory starting line pic:
Here's Carlos, telling us that there's no way he's letting Andrew (in the green hat) finish in front of him, despite what the 16-year-old might believe:
Here's me beating Scott and Carlos for a portion of the race. (The pic is blurry because I was running so fast.)
Andrew in the home stretch:
Carlos with his secret devil sign that he and Scott feel obligated to flash every time they're on camera together:
Not quite back of the packers, but definitely packers:
Running in a fog:
And of course, the obligatory after race pie shot. (Everyone who ran a solid race is holding one.)

And yet another pie shot, with a couple of different E Streeters thrown in. (Again, good race = pie holder.)
And that's a turkey wrap!
Thankful for family and good friends, thankful that we're all healthy enough to keep running, and thankful that for part of today's race, I was beating Scott and Carlos! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Night of the Living Heather

Halloween 2009, just a memory in the rear view mirror, but one that will go down in history as the year my daughter took her first foray into the world of George Romero. So to speak.
So here, without any further ado or dialogue, is a look at what Heather had to eat whilst trick or treating this year.