Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth Family

A glorious day in the Commonwealth of Chelmsford, and if it's the Fourth of July, you know what that means?  Time for the extended circle of family and friends to join with about 10,000 other runners for a two-mile jaunt through town that has begun to rival even the vaunted Boston Marathon in its glory and spectacle.
Speaking of spectacles, there was this
Yes, the motif of the parade, while always red, white and blue, this year was definitely paying homage to the First Avenger himself, Captain America.
As you can see, the team represented #TeamCap well.
#TeamIronMan was elsewhere, stealing the spotlight from Spider-Man
The Nicholson Brothers, Before
Packed crowd for the start on Parkhurst Road
Mamma would be pleased as punch to see her six grandchildren lined up and ready to run together
And they're off!
Johnny and Heather took an early lead.
Heather, in a flashback to this year's Boston Marathon, could only cast a glimpse over her shoulder at her old man trailing behind
Andrew makes a point of always knowing where the camera is
Ben wanted to make sure everyone knew who the hard-core runner in the family was.  We didn't have the heart to tell Zachary the race was only beginning, he wasn't crossing the finish line for another two miles.
Hanging with one of the biggest Captain America fans I ever met, John Greenwood.  I thought I was sweating until I saw the gear he had to wear for the parade to follow. 
So yeah, a T-Rex, Captain America, and Chewbacca were out there cheering us on
As always, Ann Piekos and Ann Marie Borges were at their Official Carson Road Race Photography Pitstop at Mile One, snapping away.
Seriously, I've been doing this race for at least 25 years, and you can always count on their mid-course pics.  That is, of course, if they get the obligatory Universal Call Sign to let them know you're coming.  (And if you have to ask, you don't know us at all.  I'll give you a hint - he's in their first pic)
Zachary keeps his head held high, heading in to the finish 
And finally, the After shot of the Nicholson brothers.
Heather couldn't be in the pic, she was too busy hunting freeze-pops. 
Great job to all the runners.  The event has really become a staple of quality family and friend time.  No one cares about their finish times, no one cares about their pace, no one cares about how garish their socks are, it's just a fabulous opportunity for everyone to get together to not just celebrate our nation's birthday, but to celebrate the bonds that keep our families and friendships strong all year long.
And with that, it's off to chow down at the day's many cookouts.
Happy Fourth, all!