Friday, July 4, 2014

Run Fourth

Fourth of July, and this year, Mother Nature decided to throw a monkey wrench into everyone's cookout plans.  She didn't however, derail our annual outing at the John Carson 2-mile road race in Chelmsford, a tremendous gathering of runners of all types.
This year marked the road race debut of Ben Nicholson of Lancaster, who, I might add, represented himself quite well out there.
Pre-race, Clans Nicholson and Cook
The running team 
Heather and Ben look so serious in the chute 
Krispy had some solid music cranking and pretty much tuned out the other 1,800 runners 
Stopped for a pic with everyone's favorite militia man.  In the future, take note: militia men don't know how to take pictures with modern technology. Years past, Captain America was John Greenwood's favorite super-hero, so he was only too happy to be seen with the Red, White and Blue Avenger.
Heather, rocking the cardinal rule of road race running - always know where the camera is - thanks Jill and Shea!
He was a football all-star at Nashoba, so this two-mile trek was a walk in the park for Ben 
Andrew may have worn the most interesting socks out there today.  He was running too fast for Zachary to capture him on film.
Josh was pumped
Ben thought ht was bench-pressing again
Heather had a smile on her face the whole way.  No, really.
In the finish chute, a proud dad 
Caught up with fellow Middlesex Community College running maven, Rebecca Newell! 
The red, white, and blue ribbon committee 
Afterwards for the E Streeter round-up, Finn proved why he is quickly replacing Andrew as King of the Photobombers 
Thanks to all who came out, thanks to the race organizers, and thanks to the fellow friends and family who make this quick mileage an annual tradition not to be missed  Enjoy your freedom, everyone!