Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey, Jack Kerouac!

The Dharma Bums got On The Road this afternoon for a warm 5K through downtown Lowell and into Belvidere for the Jack Kerouac 5K. (And that should be the extent of my Kerouac references.) And thanks to Jill Kenny for the photo assist!

The first photo should be a clue as to how the E Streeters did today.

Here's Scott at the start, running side by side (to his left) with the man who would thwart Scott's strong effort at notching the overall win. Sean apparently wasn't prepared for the cameras this early in the race:
Heather, however, is always ready for the camera (note shameless plug by her father for the Middlesex Community College Fitness Trail 5K, coming this Saturday):
The lead pack, heading out (note shameless plug in background for Middlesex Community College, hosting its own 5K race this Saturday in case you hadn't heard):

Smiling because she's beating her dad:
No one else in sight, here comes the second place overall finisher, from Groton: Scott Spence!
Sean, trying desperately to catch up to Scott, represented well with a 34th place overall finish
And here comes Heather, posing for the Lowell Sun photographer in the foreground:
Medal time!
It's getting old for this guy! (Not that he's old, just the medal placing) And no silver comments today - today, he was "impressive!"

Sean and I took off our medals for this pic. Scott and Heather couldn't part with theirs. Nicely done, E-Streeters! Over and out from the Town and the City. (One more Kerouac reference, couldn't resist.)

Here's the overall results, via coolrunning:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Inspirational Invitational

Great day in Manchester NH today, with LHS XC competing in the invitational championship. Lowell runners did extremely well in some fairly hot weather, its multiple racing teams placing exceptionally well among Massachusetts teams overall (either 1st or second place for Mass. finishers.)

Here they come: And there they go:
And here's a bunch from along the course at Derryfield Park:

My particular favorite, coming into the home stretch at the finish chute (with Nike in tow as a sponsor)
Warriors, all:
Next up: Haverhill!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Running for Ryan (and Grabbing Some Hardware)

Fabulous morning to run out in Chelmsford today, and the E-Streeters proved it. With 252 runners in the running, E-Streeters took six of the top 57 spots! (You do the math.)

The run was NOT for Ryan Scanlon, who opted out after a tough night at Fenway. Instead, it was in memory of three-year-old Ryan Apostolakes of Chelmsford who died in a tragic accident at Hart Pond. The proceeds went toward the RDA Fund which provides money for scholarships and emergency equipment.

Lots of photos to share, from my own camera and from finish line photog Jill Kenny.

Here's three stooges waiting for the race to start:
Two of the front-runners get ready to take off:
Scott, sizing up his competition, wonders if this is the one that A-Game takes from him:
Sean and Pat, getting the send-off from Finn:

From out on the course, in the zone, running with Green Day:
To answer the previous question, no, today wasn't the day, but CLOSE! Silver Scott grabs 5th place
Andrew, representing Lowell High XC, takes 7th
And the rest of the E-Streeters fall in behind:
The obligatory post-race shot, everyone looking a little sweatier for the wear:
Andrew grabs his hardware for first place in his age group:

And Scott takes 2nd place for his age group. As noted by the finish line announcer, "this one's got some silver on the sides. He's probably age-grouping!"

And finally, one more hardware shot (I was nice enough to pick up the trophy for second-place finisher in the law-enforcement division, Jonathan Noone. But nobody at the post-race party knew it wasn't mine.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Off and Running Part Deux

So Heather and her friends kicked off their XC season this afternoon, with an SMS team running wild through the Lowell-Dracut forest under glorious fall skies.

Here they come up the hill to start the race: Notice the war paint on all of the girls, ready for battle
Cresting another hill, Heather gets ready to enter the forest
I'm thinking Braveheart
Barry's got things under control at the forest entrance
Erin readies for her second foray into the forest
Stephanie gets ready for the final lap
The weary warriors, still looking gorgeous at the finish:
Great start, girls, keep up the pace!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walker, Walker, Walker!

So 13.1 miles later, and another Jimmy Fund Walk for Dana Farber is in the books!

Congratulations to Jackie and Annie for trekking the entire half marathon course, from Wellesley into downtown Boston.

Kudos also to Heather and John for joining their moms for the five-mile leg in from Boston College. Heather, as you can see, scored once again with the best socks of the day.

Thousands and thousands of walkers out there for a great cause.

Here's where Andrew and I caught up to the foursome in Brookline:
Mom and daughter, lending each other a hand:
The obligatory shot in front of the Citgo sign, which seemingly looms in front of the walkers for about 10 miles:
Heading into the home stretch:
The finish:
A well-earned victory dash across the finish line:
The entire support team:Suprisingly, Andrew was able to find some food at the finish. Worry not folks, he won't waste away.
Again, congrats to all of today's participants, and here's hoping the money raised can help make a difference against this miserable disease. Way to go, hon!