Monday, April 25, 2011

That Week in Washington

So, a week overdue, but here's a photologue of Heather's 8th grade trip with her buds from St. Margaret's School to New York City and Washington, D.C. Lots to see here, so we'll move quickly! And trust me, there are THOUSANDS more photos where these came from.

Straight off the bus, Heather and Chloe rocking Times SquareCarly, Chloe, Erin, and Heather trying to lift the weight of the worldThe whole gang in Times Square - on to Madame Tussauds!Heather and Chloe with a simian friend at the Empire State Building Elle McPherson tried hitting on me, but I let her know I was happily marriedHeather kicks it back, with Barack and Michelle watching onSeriously??? They let me use the red phone?!?!?

In a preview of the Boston Marathon to follow, here's me beating out Jesse OwensHeather, rocking it down with Mick JaggerAnd once again, me letting Madonna know the same thing I told ElleAn Elton John chorus line Two Iron MenWhich one is the real Hulk?At the Smithsonian, a couple of lunarticsA group shot behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery
The Marine Corps Memorial, Iwo JimaTurning around from Iwo Jima, with the Washington skyline behind the St. Margaret's gangA bunch of animals at the Smithsonian ZooI can just hear the Anteater's voice from Pink Panther in the background Outside the people's house, which is also White My future PresidentAnd her Secret Service detail Heather, Chloe and Sam at the Lincoln MemorialA pair of statuesque beauties (with a dried up reflecting pool behind them)The action show at the LincolnOur Capitol tour guide, Dr. Frickin' EvilWith Congresswoman Tsongas on the Capitol steps And finally, just days before their marathon outing, a pair of E Streeters flexes some muscle on Capitol Hill.Thanks to all the SMS 8th graders for a memorable trip!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Men - the 2011 Edition

So once again, five E Streeters took to the roads today to compete in the 2011 Boston Marathon, with another E Streeter joining me at the halfway point to get me into Boston. Thanks Andrew! Thanks also to our army of family supporters out there along the course!

An extremely warm day, with tons of laughs on the front end. Not so much on the back side. Great job by all, including those not represented in these photos (that means you Joe!) Photos courtesy of my RunCam, with an assist at mile 16 by Heather!

Question: by race's end, which of these two would need that vehicle seen in the background? Prior to departure (and a First Class delivery system courtesy of Elias and Victoria)Three of us, attempting a radical new stretching move perfected by one of our fellow runners (see next pic)Barry, showing off his patented pre-marathon stretching exercise, the "Scatman"The five fools waiting for the starting gunSean, at the starting line, telling Barry how many years in a row he plans to run a Sub 4 Lowell was well represented on the course, and Ryan basked in the attention it got himTommy and Sean (who's looking for the next town line)Father and son during happy timesTommy's got thumbs up because he's about to claim a town lineDon't know how he does it, but Sean always manages to find the women in the leopard clothingAlways stop to kiss the girls at Wellesley College. Thanks Nicole!Running through the debris that is a water stopAndrew has some marathon anger issuesThis photo on Heartbreak Hill comes courtesy of men wear silver capesGreat job E Streeters! Take the day off tomorrow!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Run the Rivah!

Or at least eat the chili! Saturday morning saw the 20th anniversary of Stephen "Petey" Peterson's awesome 10-mile trail race along the Merrimack River. A great course, with plenty of challenges, including an insane hill at the power lines, and nearly 200 brave souls showed up to run it! The Marathon Men were on hand too, but too afraid of inflicting a last-minute injury on the rocks, roots, and stream crossings of the trail course, so we opted for the pavement course through Andover instead. But that didn't stop us from sharing in Scott's chili, as you'll see shortly. Here's Petey, waving his flag, trying desperately to get people to listen to him: Carlos isn't looking too intimidated by his competition. Game face for Gametime.
Despite a last minute shoelace snafu, Scott is off and running!
Carlos, with barely a mud spatter on him, finishes the 10 mile trek
The E Streeters at large. Notice John has already claimed first blood
But Barry and Sean were right behind him, giving their thumbs up to the food offerings
Finally, the spoils of victory! What every marathoner needs to enjoy 9 days before the big race
Once again, congrats to Petey, seen here awarding the coveted YooHoo award at race's end to the first member of the 200 mile club who's run in all 20 of the annual events.
And for those of you worried that Andrew missed out on the feedbag, worry not - a bowl of Scott's ultra chili made its way home to the young lad.

Finally, here's Barry proudly displaying his autographed, personalized photo of Boston Bruin 7th Player award winner Brad Marchand, who wished him good luck at the Boston Marathon! Marchand wrote "You're Not Ready for the Marathon, Barry" but we appreciate his well-wishes anyways!
See everyone at next year's Rivah race!