Monday, October 29, 2012

Everybody's Got a Hungry Hartford

One more time for Bruce in the neighborhood, sorta, which means another E Streeter road trip.  This one, luckily, passed right by the front doors of Holy Cross, which meant we could pick up Andrew and have opportunities for father-son moments like this one, during Bruce's anthemic Born to Run
First though, a trip to Hartford wouldn't be complete with a solicitation of Angelino's Italian restaurant, home of the obscene portion sizes.  Pre-show, Martin, Barry and Andrew were ready to give the menu their thumbs up

Salud!  Iced tea, iceless Sprite, and Pepsi all around!
Inside the Hartford XL Center, we stop for a shot with Bruce
Heading to our respective seats, the father-son tandem strikes a pose made famous by my father
Once Bruce got the show underway, he wasted no time at all wading into the floor crowd of thousands to body surf back to the stage during his hit Hungry Heart
Partway through the show, Andrew and I made a beeline for a seat upgrade, grabbing some primo seats on Nils' side of the stage
 As always, Bruce used the entire stage to his advantage.  I only pray I'm that nimble when I'm 63 years old
Once again, Bruce braves the crowd during 10th Avenue Freeze Out, which included a touching tribute to deceased band members Clarence "Big Man" Clemons and "Phantom" Dan Federici
Born to Run, complete with Andrew on air gutiar
Potentially one of the best pictures I've ever taken of Andrew.  Clearly, he's pretty happy to be at yet another Bruce show.
 Take a bow, E Street band!
With unforgettable songs like a Bruce-solo-on-piano For You, a raucous 15-minute version of Kitty's Back, a rip-roaring Pink Cadillac and a rarity opening of Held Up Without a Gun, Bruce and the E Street Band delivered yet again, clocking in with a three-hour, fifteen minute marathon session.  Truly, this is the stuff of memory, and the father-son experiences that can never be quantified.  Tramps like us, indeed.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

M-CAS Scores!

Another October, another Baystate Half-Marathon, and this year, it was Mike Cassidy, M-Cass himself, who had to carry the banner for the E Streeters, as the rest of us waited too long to sign up and got shut out!
That, however, didn't stop us from jumping in to run a lap with Mike and help set a blistering pace.  Referring, of course, to the blisters on our feet.
So what is it the Beatles say, Mike?  You get by with a little help from your friends!
We were waiting for him at the half-mile mark and spotted his neon orange tank amidst the sea of runners.
I think he was actually happy to see us at first.
And then Barry went and identified us to other runners as Mike's Zumba classmates, and suddenly, we had a wider berth around us.
Here, I think Barry is talking about his Zumba experience.
Fellow E Streeter Gina Spaziani joined the pack, accustomed as she is to running this course with the Lowell Police Academy.  Today, though, she didn't have to yell at anyone. 
Gina said I had a glowing personality.  She wasn't kidding.
Buoyed by the cheers of fellow E Street and MCC fitness fiend Jonathan Crockett, we cruised past Hadley Field
Mike begins the first of two lonely treks up the Rourke Bridge
 Gina cast me a dirty look, and got ready to kick it into overdrive
 With barely a parting glance, Gina was gone, ready to run a sub seven-minute mile
After a strategically-time bathroom break, Mike was ready to patronize the nearby water stop on Pawtucket Boulevard
Sean, Barry, and I set to the flanking maneuver, keeping the throngs of fans away from Mike, as they clamored for autographs, kisses, high-fives, and photo ops.
 What is it Jackson Browne says?  Running into the sun, but I'm running behind....
Rounding the curve onto the Aiken Street bridge, Mike readies himself for the paparazzi that lies ahead
With nary a glance, he blazes past the methadone clinic
Finally, the man who put the run into Run DMC readies himself for his second leg
With Mike sweating through his second leg, the rest of the E Streeters call it a day, happy to pose for pics and pretty damn happy they didn't have to do the whole thing today.
 Nicely done, Mike, way to represent!  Hope we didn't embarrass you too badly out there!