Saturday, January 19, 2013

Clydesdales Train

A brisk, chilly, and extremely windy day running in the wilds of East Boston Campus in Westford this morning, with a huge E Streeter turnout to run varying lengths of the outing.  Sadly, Stoney Brook Farms was closed, so there no muffins to be had to negate the exercise.
The man, the myth, the legend, Scott Graham was on hand to take our group photo today. He ran 18, starting at 6 a.m., well before our rising

Here, Scott gives some running tips to Barry and Carlos, who can use all the help they can get.

At run's end, we were surrounded by the noises of an an oncoming train alongside our parking spots. Very appropriate for our marathon training.

Are the E Streeters faster than a speeding train or at least more powerful?  You be the judge.

Appropriate, considering the temps this a.m.

Andrew's on track for his training.

Call it a sign from above, call it an omen, call it what you will, but when you see this type of caravan of multiple trucks alongside you on the highway, you have to wonder.

A bunch of buds out for a morning run.  Clydesdales, indeed.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hitting One Out of the Parker

An unseasonably warm Sunday morning in January, so naturally, the E Streeters had to take advantage of it with a shorts and tee-shirt run from the Parker School in Chelmsford.  And its annex.
The group photo above features some true value hardware in Chelmsford
With Barry and Sean sidelined with Facts of Life hangovers, it was a crowded field running past the foggy Chelmsford ball fields
A cut through on Princess Avenue by the Kings of Running
More than two decades later, John still bears the grudge for the rogue fishing ticket.  Fishing without a life jacket is a crime in Massachusetts, John.  If it can be believed, this grudge outdates even the now-infamous Hoyts in Andover debacle.  He still can't run past his ticketing nemesis without rehashing past infractions.
And finally, at run's end, hanging out at the Parker School, which for some reason, has a different name on its outside walls.  Go figure, those crazy Chelmsfordites.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Souper Way to Start the New Year

January 1st, a time for rebirth, resolutions, and renewed plans for the year ahead.  And in the world of the E Streeters, that also means it's time for a Soup Run from John and Karen's house in Westford, an annual tradition that some among us look forward to for months!
As usual, the founder of the feast outdid herself, but this year was even more impressive, seeing as how she cooked up both vats while hampered by a boot immobilizer.  Let's hear it for Karen!
This year's offerings were a spice-filled chicken noodle and a loaded pasta fagioli.
Anticipating leftovers, some of the E Streeters brought their own take-home containers.  Apparently, Barry expected to take home enough to feed his family for a week.
The bowls are ready and waiting
All that's left to do is get these clowns away from the stove and out there for the morning run
Which of course, features the annual favorite race for the town line.  Who won the first of this year?
(Hint: not this guy)
Afterwards, the wolves gather around to toast their First Run.  And First Bowl.
And Second Bowl
The New Year also saw a new razor-sharp witted Carlos, ready to skewer any and all.  Here, even he was getting a kick out of his own zingers.
Another year in the books, another notch in one of our favorite traditions.  Good friends, good times, good runs, and great soup.  Happy New Year to all.  May you log plenty of healthy and happy miles on the roads ahead!