Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bear of a Run

The weather was great, the course was terrific, the cause inspirational, the company.......not so much.

But the Bear 5K 2010 was an overwhelming success on the trails of the Great Brook State Park in Carlisle this weekend, to benefit autism research. The event, in its second year, has evolved into a tremendous family event, with runners and walkers of all sizes and ages joining the ranks.

And of course, there's always the chili and Yoohoo waiting at race's end to sweeten the pot.
Congrats go out to Stephen "Petey" Peterson for pulling together another fun off-road excursion, even if this blog writer got shut out from this year's raffle gifts. Guess I'll just have to bask in the glow of winning those X-Terra sneakers at the Rivah a couple of years back, even if they didn't make them in my size.
Nice work by all the families involved. And thanks especially to Andrew, sidelined with a cartilage issue in his big toe, for taking the award-winning pics to complement the blog entry.

And for the record, the E-Streeters were well represented, especially by all of our new members, who are much better looking than us by a long mile.
Also, can anyone explain why nearly all of us wore numbers sponsored by X-Terra, a trail-racing sneaker, except for Scott who was sponsored by Fig Newton?!?

A photo round-up from the morning:

Proof positive you don't have to run the race to wear the tee-shirt:

The real Kenny family runners revealed:

Not sure if she's yelling at me or her brother:On their second and third bowls of chili, before most runners have even had their first:

He can't help himself, he HAS to compete: She-Streeters and a Grey Wolf cub and Wife.

It might keep him from running, but torn cartilage won't keep Andrew from the chili:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Happens on the Vineyard.....

......Makes it onto the blog.
So, some observations of a bachelor party, 2010, a la Martha's Vineyard:
  • It's traditional to hear someone yelling Carlooooooooos at the end of a 62 mile bike ride.
  • Sometimes, playing drums 43 years can score you some pretty good gigs. Especially if you embrace anonymous volunteerism.
  • The Rising isn't that easy to find in the sunlight.
  • Hamburgers and hot dogs taste good even if you don't ride a bike.
  • Hockey overtime victories can sometimes be misconstrued for rude drivers.
  • Scott got a seven on that hole.
  • Carlos is a big boy, he knows how to swim, so it doesn't make sense to worry about him needlessly.
  • Scott parred the last two holes.
  • People besides Scott use Pinnacle golf balls.
  • Rule #1: Cardio.
  • Stop signs on the Vineyard don't really mean stop.
  • Neither do speed limit warnings.
  • Running on the beach sounds like a good idea at the time.
  • Barry's breakfast burrito is hot so be careful handling it.
  • Andrew (on his first bachelor party outing) knows the hours of Back Door Donuts better than anyone.
  • Karen, the June Bride, doesn't realize the importance of soup to some people.

Other than that, here's a quick recap of the weekend that was, with compromising photos left out to be used for later purposes.

What 62 miles look like:

Fashion questions, not statements:

Chariots of Fire

We don't need no stinkin' map.....