Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bombards in the Air

You'd have to be there to understand the title of the post, but trust me, anyone who was at this morning's Thomas Chamberas 6K race through Great Brook Forest in Carlisle knows what I'm talking about. The race is a terrific annual event to help fight Cystic Fibrosis.

We were missing a couple of E Streeter stalwarts this morning, with Andrew off hitting the books and Scott battening down the hatches for Hurricane Irene. (Scott still managed to make his presence known, though.) Jonathan was off doing the birthday party scene. Barry gives his thumbs up for the opening number. Remain standing, please.Look at Carlos and Barry jockeying for post position! Either that, or they're just snuggling.And they're off! Sean would dust us all off pretty quickly, don't worry.A view on the trails, with a burly shoulder providing the obstructed view.And finally, post-race, everyone with a send-off for our missing E Streeters. Full race results can be found here:
By the way, check out these results!