Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkeys Can Run!

Biggest E Streeter turnout ever for a race at this morning's Thanks4Giving 5k (and for Tommy, 10K) race in Lowell, to benefit the Alternative House.

A cold start to the day at a balmy 27 degrees, but everyone was hot on their feet as they looped through Pawtucketville for the annual Thanksgiving tradition. And as always, apple pies awaited everyone at race's end!

Some pre-race, race course, and post-race pics to share with everyone:

Crammed into the start, a large contigent of the E Streeters try to psyche out their challengers:
Home from Holy Cross, and ready to carry the torch for this father-son duo:Three of the brightest men on the course:

A mother-and child reunion, home from Wellesley to run wild in Lowell:

The Trudels in matching running gear:Somewhere in this crush of people is a hand waving. It belongs to Donna Corbin. She and Mary-Jo Griffin tried valiantly to muscle their way to the front:With a Godfather like Barry, Ryan was well-protected on the course: Yes, Sean was indeed beating Scott, Tommy and I for a brief stretch of the race:

Obviously, because we were too busy talking. Here's Scott, flanked by his official Boston Marathon gear Clydesdale bodyguards:

Victoria is either signalling victory or getting ready for a fight:

Brennan was the first Cassidy to cross the finish line:

Mary-Jo is still all smiles, even though she didn't get a tee-shirt out of the deal:

Barry and Jack Minch put on a final burst. Killian had already left them in his dust:

The Trudels take it home!

The Kenny family Christmas card! (Fresh off beating his father in the No Bananas race on Sunday, Finn sat this race out.)

D.J. represents, with her Keene State official running togs:

Afterwards, Brennan was happy to bring home the pie for the Cassidy clan: It's all about the pie, as these two guys clearly know. And yes, they are both wearing Boston Marathon gear. Have they ever run it? Why yes, they did....Sporting their MCC hats and neck warmers, Team MCC is all over the place with races these days.

Making her E Streeter debut, Anne Scanlon (on the left) finishes up the final leg. Little does she know her husband is hot on her heels.

And finally, the lonely life of the 10K runner. Special props to Tommy, who didn't get enough of the course, so he looped it twice!

Once again, thankful to have everyone here for another Thanksgiving day race. Thankful that we're all healthy enough to run. And thankful for friendships that have spanned more than 30 years! E Streeters, don your feedbags, it's time to eat!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

No Bananas - Literally!

An unseasonably warm November morning brought the runners out to the Bruce Freeman Trail in Chelmsford again this morning for the monthly edition of the No Bananas 5K race - this time marked with an appearance of a No Bananas empty banana peel! (We had to pinch hit since top banana Jonathan chose to stay home in his feety-pajamas and have a second bowl of Fruit Loops, most likely with a banana in it.) A new member joined the competition this week, a freaky, sticky, wooden train conductor who stands guard at the now-gated Chelmsford Ginger Ale plaza. Here's some of the intrepid runners pre-race.

And like a flash, they're out of the gate!

An early leader, Mike Gilmore's not even stopping to enjoy the fall foliage. Must be all the trail running and training he's doing with the E Streeters that gave him his racing edge.

A beautiful fall sight - father and son, running side-by-side...

....That is, until the son blows his father's doors off and leaves him in his dust.

Finishing up a two-fer (and early morning run with Petey's Pack to start the day), yet still No Bananas gets the thumbs up!

The No Bananas Maven herself, finishing strong!

A father-mother-and-son trio finish up, and yet again, Finn beats dad in.

Post-race, basking in their glorious victory, the E Streeters extended family is ready for the next edition, weather-permitting, in December!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Runners

A hardy team of MCC students, faculty, staff, and friends took to the streets of Bedford and the roads of MCC's Bedford campus on Veterans Day for the second annual Veterans Day 5K and 10K.

Biting cold conditions to start the day, but as soon as the sun came out, things warmed up quickly. While it wasn't as stirring a version as could be found at the Chamberas race in Carlisle, the Star-Spangled Banner here was equally inspirational.

Representing the E Streeters in the 10K leg, during which the trio posted RECORD TIMES for their 10K racing careers, the three stooges themselves:

Courtesy of the over-the-shoulder run cam, here's Donna minutes after climbing the Mount Everest hill in the middle of the 5K course.

And finally, post-race, Mary-Jo and I are either running for office, advertising V for Vendetta, or just joining the hundreds of others who turned out to honor the men and women in our armed services. Thanks for protecting us worldwide, and thanks to Team MCC for a great outing on the local racing circuit!