Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Big Deal

Managed to get out and log a couple of miles in the middle of tonight's snowstorm.  Actually, a rather refreshing, inspirational, peaceful, and invigorating run, if you must know.

It was supposed to have been a group run with my fellow Middlesex running peeps, but the Frost Giants of Jotunheim conspired against us and cancelled the outing, so I headed out in the tundra solo, from my Snow Fort on Dinsmore Street.

Why should anyone care?

Well truthfully, you probably don't, but come to find out, with tonight's couple of miles, I unofficially surpassed the 1,100 mile mark, an achievement I'm not sure I ever notched before in my years of running!  Unofficial because I didn't run with my iphone app during a couple of torrential rainstorms, so those miles didn't tally in the official app log.  That will happen soon enough, though.

Every year, I usually just creep north of 1,000 miles, but I set the bar a tad higher this year, and tacked on another 100 miles to the goal.

For some of you reading this blog, those miles are peanuts.  I know some of you go north of 2,000.

But for this Clydesdale, I'll take the victories where I can grab them.  And the year's not over yet!

I didn't reach the milestone without a bit of help, so without further ado....deep breath...

Thank you to fellow E Streeters and Middlesex Running Crew Andrew Cook, Barry Scanlon, Tommy Scanlon, Scott Spence, Sean Kenny, Carlos Borges, John Piekos, Mike Cassidy, Victoria Hatem, Tom Fleming, Nick Laganas, Judy Photimath, Jon Noone, Devon Brooks, George Asamoah, Marisol Nobrega, Joe Patuto, Gina Spaziani, Tim Boutsios, Mary-Jo Griffin, Donna Corbin, Paula Pitcher, Rebecca Newell, Cherie Comeau, Jonathan Crockett, Jennifer Pisarik, Noreen McGinness Olson, Lisa Doucett, Richard Frank, Pramod Bhardwaj, Scott Graham, Tom Beaupre, and Heather Cook!  (Thanks especially to my wife Jackie, for holding down the fort while I was out gallivanting through all those miles!)

I hope I captured the folks I've logged my miles with this year, starting with the first mile, back on New Year's Day in Westford and capping tonight on the snow-covered streets of Lowell.

Long may you all run!