Sunday, February 28, 2010

Of Stew, Hats, and Irishmen

True Irishmen took to the streets of Haverhill again yesterday, for the opening salvo in the triumvirate of races that has come to be known 'round these parts as the Wild Rover Series. With over 800 competitors for the three-mile race yesterday out of J.P. McBride's, the E Streeters represented well, in more ways than one. Andrew took top dog honors, finishing 24th overall, 3rd in his age group!

Once again, the pics that follow are an amalgam of my shots coupled with those of road race photog supreme, Jim Rhoades.

Here's the obligatory starting line shot. In honor of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland opening this week, that's the Mad Hatter in the middle. Barry, unfortunately, had a shoelace malfunction and couldn't stand up in time to get in the photo before the gun went off.
Barry, before the 1 mile mark, doesn't want to be seen running with Tommy and I.

Here's Tommy, with his running mate, the Working Man's Candidate (Tommy passed him, still ticked off at the gauntlet having been thrown his way by said candidate):

Here's Barry, going downhill:
Ditto for Tommy and the Mad Hatter (who also passed the Working Man's Candidate, vowing the avenge the slight he hurled at Tommy)
Representing the Kenny family, since Sean apparently overdosed on muffins, Jill had to carry the Irish race banner, and did so with honor.
Here, though, Jill's race has gone to the dogs. Apparently, she's beating out the Wild Rover we've heard so much about.
Some folks head to the beer lines after a race. For Barry, it's all about the stew. All 12 cups of it.

Next up: the Claddagh four miler this Sunday in Lawrence, and hopefully, more stew!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super 5K - Clydesdales, Not Colts, Ain'ts, not Saints

A familiar course, with familiar faces striking familiar poses.

This was the scene at the Super 5K at the Lowell Elks this afternoon, albeit missing a couple of the regulars. Barry was sidelined with a cold, John by the fear of running in a race with the Hoyts. Worry not, John, in your absence, we only ran the course once.

Respectable showing by the E-Streeters in attendance, but controversies abound:

A 12th place finish for Scott and he still can't capture hardware?

No defense of his trophy-taking by Tommy?
Where is Andrew going to hang all these medals he's bringing home?

How did Barry score the impressive pole position of number 6 and then how did it end up on Pat?

What was Sean thinking when he said he was going to run home?

Whither goest Carlos?

And for future reference, Mike won't run shirtless anymore, not even for $5.

Mysteries for another day, just victory photos today.