Sunday, May 26, 2013

Truly, A Run to Remember

The E Streeters hit the road this Memorial Day weekend to take part in a truly moving tribute to fallen law enforcement officers, this year made even more poignant by the loss of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier during the week of the Boston Marathon attacks.  And as you can see by our backs, we were only too proud to represent this fallen officer as we took the streets of Boston for the Run to Remember half-marathon and five mile road races.
First off, in case you're wondering, yes, it really was as cold as we look here before the start.  So much for May temperatures.  Of course, the race did start at 7 a.m., so this 6:15 a.m. pic reflects the weather at that ungodly time.
After finally winding our way over to the start, we connected with fellow E Streeter Gina Spaziani
And about 12,000 of our running buddies
These feet are ready to run
Just what the hell are these guys doing behind one another's back?  (See top pictures)
The first mile of the run offered some tremendous Boston skyline backdrops
Off through financial district and government center, we wound our way past Faneuil Hall, and finally to one of the cooler points, crossing the Longfellow Bridge.  We think Charlie was riding the T next to us as we crossed.
Heading past MIT was one of the highlights of the trek, as Massachusetts State Troopers lined the bridge overhead and we ran beneath the Sean Collier banner commemorating his life and the police department he nobly served
And next up was the true highlight of the voyage, as we passed dozens of police officers standing aside their police cruisers, high-fiving literally thousands upon thousands of runners as they passed.  Kudos to Barry and Andrew who took the time to stop and thank each of the officers for serving and protecting.  Even Tommy and Carlos slowed their pace to stop and say thanks.

It wasn't the Kenmore Square Citgo sign, but the Shell station heading into Harvard Square still provided a nice photo op for Andrew
And finally, after winding our way through Beacon Hill, the Boston Common, the theatre district, and back to the Seaport, it was time to display our medals.  And an orange.  Tommy couldn't join us, he was over at the Harpoon Brewery.  Kudos, also, to Gina, and to Nick Laganas, who ran the race but got lost amidst the sea of runners.
Glad we could support such a worthy cause.  Huge props to the Boston Police Department and the Boston Police Runners Club for helping race organizers pull everything off without a hitch.
Today, 12,000 runners ran Collier Strong.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Annie's Army on the March!

An Army came to town yesterday, marching for a good cause, and letting everyone along the way know who we were!
Sunday was the Lowell General Hospital Cancer Walk, an annual outing for the family, including all of our E Streeter extended family.  The walk raised nearly one million dollars!
This year, though, was a special outing, as we walked and ran in honor of Jack's sister Annie, who's currently undergoing treatment down at Brighma and Women's Hospital in Boston, gearing up for a bone marrow transplant this week.  That's her in the above pic, at least year's Jimmy Fund Cancer Walk in Boston, another outing folks undertake to help wage a fight against cancer.
On Sunday, it took an Army - Annie's Army - to wage the war on cancer, and we were only too happy to do it.
Because we never miss an opportunity to take pics with furry animals
Coming across the catwalk
Since it was for such a great cause, even Carlos was able to put his Baggo scars aside in the face of running with his undefeated arch-nemesis from the Baggo courts. 
Luckily for Barry, he's always got friends there to hold him up during those long runs 
ANNIE'S ARMY COMING THROUGH - that was Barry's mantra as we wound through the hundreds of out-of-state rowers on the banks of the Merrimack River there for a crew regatta.  They made a hole for us to pass, probably just out of base fear. 
Speaking of crew, here's our Crew, boats and all.
Coming into the home stretch, Carlos definitely has the edge over his 5K rival, 21:07.
Lest ye think running was the only exercise on the menu this day, I say thee nay!
Here's my two favoritest ladies in the whole wide world, and two of Annie's biggest and loudest supporters, getting ready for their 6.2 mile walk!
Them, and about 3,000 other walkers
Hand in hand, the walking buds tick off their first mile
The walk still gets the thumbs up.  Heather, obviously, never stops smiling out there.
Proud as can be of my two girls
Finally, back at the Tsongas Arena, the whole group is Annie's Army Strong!  This one's for you Annie!  We're all rooting for you this week, and are looking forward to having our general back in front of us leading the pack!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seger Sessions!

Time for an E Streeter road trip and some Old Time Rock and Roll with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band at Mohegan Sun.
We traveled in style
Arriving at Mohegan Sun, these high rollers were ready to break the bank.  Or at least their wallets.
Martin gets caught up in the wonder of it all.  Whoops, wrong place.
Clearly, this group is ready to run the tables. Or run from them, not sure.
A man and his waterfall are soon parted
Tommy couldn't join us, which is good, because he would have spent the whole night pumping money into Michael Jackson.  And that wouldn't have bene the first time he did that, either.
Hats off to Martin for this money shot
Martin got a little cocky when he won three bills.  He thought he was the night's big winner.  He'd be proven wrong ere long.
But first, in honor of Andrew, a visit to the bottomless buffet
Time to hit the betting windows.  Barry gets some help from his advisor
Ready to watch their winnings roll in
But alas, it would be someone else who walked away the big winner this night
One Does Not Simply Walk into Mohegan Sun and Win Money
Showtime!  Seger's still got it!
Belting out the classics
A shoutout to the E Streeters, who at least temporarily for THIS night, became Silver Bulleters.
Finally, after a long night of gambling, rock and roll, and debauchery, it was naptime.  At least for some of us.  The rest of us just made room for Martin to stretch out.  Jack's back and ribcage should be back to normal any week now.