Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Spring in Their Steps for Sue

This weekend saw the third annual charity walk for Susan (Scanlon) Bradley, who passed away far too early from a brain tumor.
Her family has been staging a charity walk in her honor every year to help raise money for a scholarship and keep her legacy alive.
On Sunday, more than 200 people turned out to walk in what was arguably the nicest weather the event has seen in its three years.
Mucho mileage was logged around the track at Notre Dame Academy in Tyngsboro by the hearty and healthy walkers.
Sue's brother, Barry, opened things up with a thank you to all who contributed to the scholarship fund
And then Sue's husband Tim led his children out for the first lap of many around the track!
Sue passed away from a Glioblastoma, a type of malignant brain tumor.  The third annual walk was organized as a way to remember and honor all the wonderful things she did for so many, while also allowing her family to give back to the community.
Susan was a big advocate of education her entire life.  She worked in the school systems for 25 years and was also very involved in the schools her children attended.  The funds raised at the walk will be applied toward the Susan Bradley Scholarship set up at the Academy of Notre Dame so that even in her absence, she will continue to give back to others.
Over the span of the three years of the walk, her family has raised more than $25,000!!!
Here, Barry and Scott recreate their performance on the power lines stretch of the Merrimack River trail race
The ladies in Barry's life
One incredible aspect of the walk is that every year, it draws in people who also attended St. Joseph's Regional High School (Sue's alma mater) back in the day.
Always great to reunite with friends from nearly FOUR DECADES AGO!
This year saw a record number of dogs taking part in the walk.  Though truth be told, from what I saw, most of them ended up being carried, or just calling it a day and laying down on the field.
Selfies abounded this day.  This one, along with several other pics on this post, comes courtesy of Marcia Cassidy
The Brothers Scanlon, counting down the minutes to the prize raffle, always an exciting event!  Especially for Sean and Jill's children
My Number One Walking Buddy.  Any day, every day.
Best buds coming up on 45 YEARS!
Looks like the walk itself may be winding down.  John, of course, always knows where the camera is.  Andrew must be slipping.
Yeah, I think it's time to declare this puppy over.
A group pic of E Streeter Nation (absent a couple of participants who were busy taking care of clean-up details at the event)
As regular readers of the blog know, we're always honored to support charity causes, whether it be through road races, or special events.
But when it directly impacts one of our own as in this case, it always serves to remind us just how lucky we are to all still have one another and be able to get together like this to honor a loved one's life, and to celebrate the fact that we're all still together.
Friends and family.  Don't take either of them for granted.

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